Golden Oak Industries has begun development of a community web page on a private server for the organization!

We'll be building this as a community site for both our members and for interacting with other non-member groups who choose to work with us.

Planned features include:

  • Public and Private Blogs
  • Public and Private Forums
  • Member Profiles
  • Member Blogs
  • Messaging System
  • Orginizational Reporting
  • Centralized Resource Management
  • Centralized Planning Tools
  • Instructional Video Library (as developed)
  • ...and more!

We're hoping to make use of any and all API codes that may or may not be developed and released to players from DU as well, and we've got unlimited resources on the server to do it with.  That's right folks, the whole thing is completely scale-able!

If all goes well we'll also be setting up a Discord (or similar) Server for mission ops and general voice communications.

Keep an eye here for more information as it becomes available!